The Protagonists







The Lady Clare, of Rebma

Green haired Clare is perhaps the oldest of the group, in elapsed time if not in Amber time. She displays somewhat of an obsessive personality, particularly when it comes to horses.

Having been raised in the Rebman aristocracy, Clare has an almost innate sense of protocol and etiquette, however she is also entirely capable of using her upbringing to her advantage, which can be rather annoying for those around her.

Clare was the first of the group to encounter a shadow storm, and it was her report that caused Random to assemble the group.

Coenna, Armsmistress

Coenna swears blindly that her red hair comes from her mother, not her father, but since she admits to having no idea whom her father actually is this is not a particularly convincing argument.

Her strategic sense (in addition to the mental skill common among the red haired members of the Family) would suggest that Bleys might be a more likely father than Brand in the event that her protestations are in fact incorrect.

Regardless of her parentage she has the potential to be a very dangerous woman, and a promising career in the army beckons her. She is, on the other hand, somewhat impulsive, and if anything has too much of a tendency to follow a strong lead.

Dannor, Hellpilot of Amber

Both Dannor's love for flying, and his expertise in combat point at him having a strong kinæsthetic sense. While this is useful, a more evolved sense of caution and paranoia might be more helpful in the environment of Amber.

Dannor might describe himself as a navigator-explorer of shadow, certainly the device he carries, the Adumbratometer is very useful in this exercise.

One is more likely to see Dannor shadowshifting from the air than on horseback, preferably in prop-planes.

Michael, Martial Artist and son of Caine

Like Dannor, Michael is a bit too trusting. Even living through his equivalent of World War II doesn't seem to have prepared him for life among the "big boys" in Amber. This is somewhat surprising to find in someone whom Caine has recognised as his son.

Despite his apparent na´vety, Michael gives the impression that he knows how to handle himself when it comes to a fight, particularly one that allows him to use his martial artist skills. His knowledge of a few words of power gives him an ace up his sleeve too when someone (or something) tries a mental assault on him.

Paulus, Amberite Academic

Paulus remains a bit of an enigma. He seems to be more inclined to follow where Coenna leads than to voice his own opinions, or make his own courses of action.

On the other hand, following Coenna might not be the worst thing he could do; between them they make an impressive mental axis, backed up by her military prowess and his abilities in the magical arts. Unfortunately the two of them have a tendency to be reactionary, rather than revolutionary.

Tamash, of House Barriman

On the surface of things, being a Chaosian, Tamash is somewhat different from the rest of the group. Still, he seems to have the right attitude to the Amberites he's met, if perhaps even more strongly than they deserve.

Despite claiming to have left the environs of the Courts because he was sick of the politics, Tamash appears to have taken to being with a group of Amberies like a fish to water; not that any of the rest of the group are exactly up to the Elders' standards of backstabbing and plotting...

Tamash and Clare make a dynamic team, with a healthy amount of trust (i.e. very little) between them. Where most of the rest of the group seem happy to be led, they provide the impetus to get things done. This is at least in part because of their natural advantages (they were the only two who succeeded in shadow walking through Corwin's universe), but also it didn't take long for them to become the natural "centre" of the group.

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