Dramatis Personæ

Random, King of Amber
Random is an easy-going man who enjoys flying, gambling and playing the drums. Loudly. Responsibility seems to have engendered a certain amount of reliability and sobriety into him . He still plays the drums though. He is married to Vialle, once of Rebma.
Dworkin, Creator of the Pattern
This hunchbacked dwarf is the undisputed master of all things magical in Amber. Reputed to have created the Pattern using the eye of the Serpent of Chaos (known also as the Jewel of Judgement) his mind is certainly linked to the pattern. During the Patternfall war he went mad and was said to have recommended destroying the damaged pattern and starting over.
Fiona, Sorceress and Princess of Amber
Arguably the most beautiful of the daughters of Oberon, Fiona is more than just a pretty face. Like her full-brothers she was an attentive student of Dworkin in his prime, and is perhaps the most gifted of the red-headed trio. The one who choses Fiona for an enemy is mad, stupid or has three of her siblings on their side.
Benedict, Warmaster and Prince of Amber
On the face of things Benedict is easy to understand. His first love is strategy, his second tactics and his third the safety of Amber. Where others plot for the throne, Benedict's thoughts are more subtle and apparantly less self-centred. However, one can be sure that one doesn't know everything about the oldest known living son of Oberon.
Caine, Admiral and Prince of Amber
The great hero of the Patternfall War, Caine looks as if he would be better suited to piracy on the high seas than guarding shipping between the Golden Circle shadows. Nevertheless, he leads one of the two great fleets of Amber. Caine is probably who Corwin was thinking off when he said "I trusted him like a brother, that is to say not at all." Caine's most famous trick is faking up his own death at the hands of Corwin.
Bleys, Sorceror and Prince of Amber
Where Fiona stuns simply by being, Bleys is entirely capable of captivating you by his grace, flamboyance and manners. Although, like his sister, he was a student of Dworkin, Bleys hasn't skimped on his war skills either. Bleys fought his way up half of Kolvir during the first assault on Amber during Patternfall, after leading an army halfway across shadow against everything Eric, Caine and Julian could place in his way.
Corwin, Prince of Amber
Corwin remains one of the more enigmatic of the sons of Oberon. Despite crowning himself during the Patternfall War he claims no interest in the throne now. He has even been heard to say that he believes in things like truth and trust. Still, whatever he thinks inside, and whatever he wishes, the fact that he created a second Pattern during the epic conclusion of the War makes him a major player as things settle down.
Llewella, Princess of Amber and Rebma
Beneath her green tresses, Llewella presents an enigma. Daughter of Moins she is in line for the throne of Rebma as well as Amber, and in Rebma she has considerable influence. Despite her apparant na´vete she is quite capable of leaving people with doubts that they are unsure of the origin of for some time.
Martin, Prince of Amber and Heir Apparent
Martin came into his inheritance of the family paranoia somewhat abruptly when Brand trumped him and knifed him as part of a plot to erase the Pattern. As a result of this he is, if anything, even more wary of his relatives than most Amberites. Currently he is on a voyage of self descovery, initiated by his reunion with his father, Random; a reunion that was fraught with difficulty as, along with many Rebmans Martin blamed the suicide of his mother MorganthŰ on him. Martin is currently held to be first in line to the throne of Amber, and to that of Rebma (via his mother).
Moire, Queen of Rebma
Oberon's counter in Rebma, Moire has seen much. She is a more than competant ruler and judge of personality, but is not above indulging herself when the situation allows it. She is sister to Llewella, and mother of MorganthŰ and hence Martin's grandmother. While you could be in a worse position than on the wrong side of Moire, one would be recommended not to venture into her demesne if she has any reason to wish to hand out one of her notoriously two-edged punishments in ones direction.
Ygg, Tree at the centre of all things
Oberon planted Ygg to signify the boundary between the demesnes of Chaos and Amber. As he was travelling to Chaos Ygg allowed Corwin to make a staff out of one of its branches; Corwin later planted this before writing his own pattern, and it has now grown into its own tree.
Suhuy of House Sawell, Master of the Logrus
How to describe Suhuy? Suhuy is the current guardian and highest initiate of the Logrus - the power at the centre of chaos. He is typically friendly and appears sane, although he has an irritating habit to make everything an exercise for the listener.
Dara of Houses Hendrake and Sawell
Dara retains much of her tomboy looks and tendancies. Said to be the great-granddaughter of Benedict and the hellmaiden Lintra, she was brought up as a major cog in the defeat of Amber. In the middle of the Patternfall War she seduced Corwin, and later walked the Pattern, proclaiming that Amber would be destroyed. Her inner feelings towards Corwin, and indeed his towards her, are as yet unknown.
Merlin of House Sawell, son of Corwin
Born only as a weapon against Amber, Merlin believes he has broken free of those who tried to control his life, particularly since his father disclaimed the throne after the War. Despite being about 100th in line to the throne of Chaos, Merlin has perhaps more chance of attaining that than the throne of Amber, particularly given the rate of assassinations at that end of things. Merlin is currently studying at a University on Shadow Earth.
Arianne of House Barriman
A slightly short brunette, Arianne of House Barriman is a bit of a mystery. She is an advanced student/collegue of Suhuy, and her trump within Chaos depicts her as a High Priestess of the Serpent.

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